Monday, 23 December 2013

Good "Digital" Practices

Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts

A video that caught my attention

 Title of video: The Big Bang Theory.( But for some reason I did not hear them say a single Big Bang Theory in the Video)                    

This video tells us about the discovery of the universe.

-There are forces such as gravitational force, magnetic force ,frictional force, etc....

- All the forces are linked together so perfectly that if any one of them is changed by a little bit, life would not exist.

-The universe is something that can be discovered.

But I can't stop myself from questioning this video. How true is this? No one has been back in time enough to prove this is true. What the people in the video are saying is through what they are experimenting on earth itself. Arrow Dynamics Theory. Once out of earth. Its no longer true. They are saying that if one component is changed, there would not be life. But the question is, why is it that way? Why cant there be life in some other way? No one can answer that.

Places I Like to go in Singapore

1. School of science and technology
It's my school and I will be going there from mon to Fri.

2.It's my house.
I live there

3. Universal Studios
The best theme park I can find in Singapore

4.Maritime Experimental Museum.
There are many interesting things there to see

5.Science Centre
Also many interesting details on science there

6. Snow City.
Haven't actually been there before but my friends have told me it Is a great place. Looking forward to going there

Places I Like to go in Singapore

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About me

My name is Johan Soo. My family likes to call me hanhan but ill prefer my peers to address me as Johan. My J is actually pronounced as a Y but over the years i got tired of correcting people and Ive gotten used to the J sound.

I would associate myself to gadgets such as phones,tablets, computers and so on as i practically can't live a day without it. Also, I'm really into minecraft.

I enjoy performing this performing art called diabolo which is also known chinese yoyo

I find that I am a person who loves jokes but is not good at saying them. So if you ever find me saying a joke thats not funny at all. Paiseh then. And I am also a very vocal person. I will not hesitate to voice out my opinions in class. But if I do get too overboard, please remind me. Looking forward to meet my new classmates and teachers!!