Monday, 23 December 2013

About me

My name is Johan Soo. My family likes to call me hanhan but ill prefer my peers to address me as Johan. My J is actually pronounced as a Y but over the years i got tired of correcting people and Ive gotten used to the J sound.

I would associate myself to gadgets such as phones,tablets, computers and so on as i practically can't live a day without it. Also, I'm really into minecraft.

I enjoy performing this performing art called diabolo which is also known chinese yoyo

I find that I am a person who loves jokes but is not good at saying them. So if you ever find me saying a joke thats not funny at all. Paiseh then. And I am also a very vocal person. I will not hesitate to voice out my opinions in class. But if I do get too overboard, please remind me. Looking forward to meet my new classmates and teachers!!

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